2 months ago
What I learned at man camp, where men get in touch with their emotions

Healthy masculinity

In early March, I headed to the California desert to explore my emotions and learn ‘healthy masculinity’ with a group of men

2 months ago
'Good-looking for an Asian': how I shed white ideals of masculinity


Asian American masculinity has been linked to the model minority myth and a hierarchy of racist stereotypes

2 months ago
US signs anti-abortion declaration with group of largely authoritarian governments

Rolling back women's rights

Move is part of a campaign by Trump administration to reorient US foreign policy in a more socially conservative direction

2 months ago
Pope Francis backing same sex unions isn't a surprise. But it's still a big deal | James Alison

No real surprise but still a big deal

Francis once called me, a gay man, to affirm my priesthood. Now he’s expressing solidarity with gay people everywhere, says theologian James Alison

2 months ago
‘I have to do this’: Myanmar garment workers forced into sex work by Covid

Another COVID impact...https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/oct/22/i-have-to-do-this-myanmar-garment-workers-forced-into-sex-work-by-covid

Factory closures due to fashion industry order cancellations have pushed many former employees into often dangerous work

2 months ago
Endometriosis showed me we need better ways to talk about women's pain | Emma Barnett

The Gender Pain Gap: 21 years to diagnosis

I struggled for 21 years before diagnosis. A new report by MPs isn’t enough for the one in 10 UK women who suffer too, says Emma Barnett, presenter of BBC Woman’s Hour